The Issues

Make Government More Transparent and Accountable

Stephanie is a tireless advocate for government transparency and accountability. Because she believes that an informed citizenry is vital to a healthy democracy, Stephanie introduced a bill to require live broadcasting of legislative proceedings. She continued fighting for the bill even after encountering stiff opposition from colleagues.

Strengthen Education

Stephanie has eight years experience in public education.  She recently served as Vice President of Advocacy for John Diemer’s PTA, and often works as a communicator between administrators, teachers, and parents.  She understands not only that our children deserve strong schools, but also that by maintaining high standards, we attract better business growth opportunities for all of Johnson County.  When we give our kids the competitive edge in a global economy, we are all more likely to succeed.

Promote Local Control

Stephanie believes in limited government in all aspects, both socially and fiscally.  Government’s role is as a service industry to its citizens, and local needs should trump state and federal mandates.

Keep Taxes Reasonable

Stephanie believes in the “three-legged-stool” philosophy of taxation for Kansans.  Removing or drastically lowering the state income tax would produce an unfair burden on Johnson County homeowners.

Protect Local Businesses

Stephanie wants to protect businesses from intrusive, burdensome governmental regulations.  The fiscal future of Kansas depends on Johnson County remaining as an economic engine, and will back initiatives that promote the county’s role in those endeavors.

Support Alternative Energy

Stephanie believes that clean energy solutions not only benefit the quality of life in Johnson County, but also lead to increased efficiency overall.  Responsible use of resources keeps costs down, and innovation in this field can also mean more American jobs.

Support Kansas Veterans

Stephanie has a nephew who is currently serving in Afghanistan with the United States Marine Corps. She has another nephew who served two tours in Iraq, also with the USMC. Both are Kansans, and she wants to see that they, and all of our veterans are given the proper care and reward for their service to our country.

Help Kansans Care for Family Members in Need

Stephanie understands that many families in Johnson County care for disabled and mentally ill family members. She believes in making a commitment to support families who sometimes struggle with this.